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Center High School Staff Directory
658 Roughrider Drive
Center, Texas 75935
PH: (936)598-6173     Fax: (936)598-1527

CHS Principal
Matthew Gregory
Adair, Billy T.CTE Information Technology CHS
Anthony, ValerieCampus PEIMS2207CHS
Ballard, MarilynDiagnostician2223CHS
Bowden, MargaretTeacher CHS
Bowen, AlexandriaTeacher CHS
Bowman, BarryAthletic Director2206CHS
Bowman, StephanieAthletics Administrative Assistant2231CHS
Boyd, Gia S.CHS Registrar CHS
Bristow, RobinCHS Teacher CHS
Brookshire, Sydney L.CHS Teacher CHS
Bryant, Tiffany F.Transition CHS
Burleson, KaylinLead Teacher2240CHS
Butler, EdithCHS Teacher CHS
Campbell, Kelsea J.Athletic Trainer CHS
Conn, JohnAsst Band Director2217CHS
Cooper, Ashley N.Ag Science Teacher CHS
Copelin, AleaseCATE Counselor2204CHS
Corbello, LoriCHS Teacher CHS
Crelia, TristynTeacher CHS
Daniels, ReggieCHS Teacher CHS
Duncan, Montana R.Teacher/Coach CHS
Emerson, KristenCHS Teacher CHS
Fausett, Jennifer J.CHS Teacher CHS
Flournoy, CherylCHS Teacher2505CHS
Franklin, PamCHS Teacher CHS
Galindo, TracieTeacher CHS
Greer, Astin S.Teacher/Coach CHS
Gregory, MatthewCHS Principal2201CHS
Gregory, KaraCHS Teacher CHS
Grisby, MaryCHS Teacher CHS
Hamilton, JacklynCHS CTE Teacher CHS
Harrison, HiramCHS Teacher CHS
Hennigan, Steven B.CHS Yearbook Sponsor CHS
Higginbotham, JoanieLibrary Aide CHS
Hightower, Thomas D.Teacher/Coach CHS
Hodge, DanCHS Teacher CHS
Holt, Burval WBuilding Trades CHS
Horton, JustinCHS Teacher/Coach CHS
Irvin, James A.CHS Teacher/Coach CHS
Irvin, DanaCHS Teacher/Coach CHS
Lamkin, Virgil K.CHS Teacher CHS
Low, PetePolice/Security2213CHS
Low, Robbie J.Teacher, Science CHS
Lynch, AliceCHS Teacher CHS
Martinez, GerardoInstructional Aide CHS
Mayfield, CourtneyCHS Teacher CHS
McGarvey, JohnCHS Teacher/Coach CHS
Miller, GaylaCHS Asst. Principal2203CHS
Miller, MichaelCHS Assistant Principal2202CHS
Miller, MaryCHS Teacher CHS
Mondragon, MariaCampus Secretary CHS
Moore, DouglasCHS Teacher CHS
Morse, NatalieCHS Teacher CHS
Munoz, AlexCHS Teacher CHS
Parker, ShelbyTeacher/Coach CHS
Parker, KellySp Ed Resource Aide CHS
Penick, SusanCHS Teacher CHS
Peters, MarcusCHS Teacher/Coach CHS
Ramirez, Adan M.CHS Teacher CHS
Randolph, AriannaCHS Teacher/Coach CHS
Randolph, Christopher J.Teacher/Coach CHS
Rathke, Chase C.Prof Communications CHS
Renfro, DianthaCHS Lifeskills Aide CHS
Richey, AshleyTeacher CHS
Ross, WilliamTeacher/Coach CHS
Ross, SallyTeacher CHS
Samford, JeffCHS CTE Teacher CHS
Smith, ChrisBand Director2216CHS
Smith, JenniferTeacher CHS
Solis, SandraCampus Secretary2209CHS
Spann, KellyCHS Teacher/Coach CHS
Stanford, DianaCHS Teacher2236CHS
Summerlot, JoellaCHS Teacher CHS
Swor, KevinTeacher CHS
Vaughn, Aimee N.Registered Nurse2212CHS
Waller, AngelaCHS Teacher Aide CHS
Watlington, ChrisCHS Teacher CHS
Welch, DeborahCHS Librarian2214CHS
Wheeler, BrettCHS Life Skills Teacher CHS
Wheeler, Nicholas L.CHS Teacher CHS
Whiddon, Michele R.Spanish Teacher CHS
Whittlesey, JenniferCHS Teacher CHS
Wilkins, SericaCHS Counselor2205CHS
Wilkins, RonnieCHS Counselor2239CHS
Wulf, AshleyStudent Needs Liaison / Intervention2210CHS
End of List
The Center Independent School District , as an equal opportunity educational provider and employer, does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, sexual orientation and/or age in educational programs or activities that it operates or in employment decisions. The District is required by Title VI and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the Age Discrimination Act of 1975, as amended, as well as Board policy not to discriminate in such a manner.

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